5 Principles of Choosing Scuba Regulators

When finding scuba regulators, especially for diving, the process can be perplexing due to the many features to be considered. Apart from the specifications, you are likely to be overwhelmed by the endless technical terminologies and models you will find in the market. An ideal start is checking the tips on how to buy scuba regulators so that you can get a rough idea on what's happening in the world of scuba regulators.

Alright, regardless of what kind of scuba diving regulator you are going to buy, there are criteria to use when choosing what best suits your needs.

Face compatibility
You don't just enter the store and pick a scuba regulator without checking the size. It should be compatible with your facial size. If you choose a heavy model, probably you will experience some jaw fatigue. Testing is free. If you wear gloves before diving, check if the purge button can be reached.
Is the hose adaptable to fit a standard hose size?

This is crucial, especially when you are in a foreign island and suddenly your regulator's hose develops a problem. If the model can fit a standard size hose, that can save your time and headache of finding a new hose. However, if you can carry an extra hose, it will be a nice idea. To learn more about scuba regulators, you may check out our homepage .

Adjustment feature on the regulator's second stage
This adjustment feature is vital because it allows you to control breathing, especially when in a current. You can control the pitch of air streaming out of the second stage so that breathing becomes easier. Also, a regulator that allows tightening of the poppet while in the current is perfect since the diver's second stage won't flow free.

The regulator's first stage adaptability
Check if the first stage allows additional low-pressure hoses, additional octo, or BC inflator hoses. Those regulators with an extra port for high-pressure accommodation are highly recommended because they can accommodate the diver's pressure gauge or a computer and a backup computer.

Where to buy
It is advisable to buy scuba regulators from a reputable company, which can also assist in servicing your equipment whenever necessary. Don't forget that this is a life-saving tool, which should be sold by an experienced dealer. So, examine if the company's technicians are licensed and certified to service your particular model. You can check the company's homepage to see if it sells other similar models.

In conclusion, when buying a new scuba regulator, spare some of your precious time to choose the best that suits your diving needs. Many high-quality scuba regulators can last for years, and therefore a smart decision is a key consideration in this matter. If you have questions about scuba regulators, you may visit our homepage .